Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mother Mash, Ganton Street

I had high hopes for Mother Mash. It's a new restaurant that specializes in that classic comfort food mashed potato, which they serve with either sausages or a pie on the side. They also have a breakfast menu which includes a sausage sandwich.

I went there on a weekday morning just before 9:00 and was the only customer, so they were hardly rushed off their feet. However I still had to wait around 10 minutes for my sausage sandwich on toasted white bread with brown sauce. If you're just popping in on your way to work, this is way too long. I'm guessing they had no cooked sausages ready and actually made one from scratch. Good in terms of freshness; very bad in terms of keeping your customer waiting. At £2.40 this is also one of the most expensive sausage sandwiches in town.

So, was it worth the wait and the money? Not really. The bread was good quality, yes. The sausge was a lot better than usual too, but it had a strange, dull quality about it. Too dry or too lean, maybe? It certainly wasn't bursting with flavour. Condiments came in the form of a sachet of HP brown sauce that you get seperately.

3.5 out of 5. Premium price and a long wait for an only slightly-above-average product.

(Even though the sandwich was a bit of a let down, I'm still going to go back to try their speciality mashed potato!)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you were a little unlucky, I work round the corner and we go there at least a couple of times a week (we obviously don't partake it the Atkins Diet!). As a lover of sausage you can't wrong but you gotta try the Chicken Pie - fantastic!!! It's a strange place, sometimes you can go and it will be empty and then 5 minutes they're packed out - give it another go I say!

Anonymous said...

I can't agree either, I think this place is the business, after a hard slog in Hamleys this place is a haven of great food, the Moroccon lamb pie was wonderful and the kids loved it.