Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cafe Soho, Ingestre Place

A bit of a departure this time - not a plain sausage sandwich but a 'daily special' sandwich that just happened to have sausage in it. In fact, the full list of ingredients is as follows:

- Cumberland sausage
- lettuce
- cheddar cheese
- smoked turkey
- dijonnaise
- tomato
- gherkin

It would be pretty difficult to make a sandwich that didn't taste good with all those ingredients! Cafe Soho is one of the best sandwich shops in Soho and one I keep going back to. All the fillings are really fresh, the staff are great and they have daily changing specials. Next time I'll ask for a straight sausage sandwich and see how it compares.

3.5 out of 5 (tasty, but helped by the extra ingredients)


The Scoffer said...

Like your blog. It seems, amusingly, that we have chosen the same name.

grumpy said...

this is the best blog ever!

Scoffer said...

hello the scoffer,

Yes, great minds think (and scoff?) alike.

Hello grumpy,

Thanks! Glad you like it here!