Monday, December 17, 2007

Bodean's, corner of Poland St. and D'Arblay St. (return visit)

A quick revisit to try their Cumberland sausage in a bun.

In brief, the sausage seemed to be of very good quality but I don't think barbecuing brought the best out of it. The already peppery sausage was given a smokey, chargrilled flavour that probaby suited the beef hot dog more. On the side was a serving of the house bbq sauce which, again, probably works better with their hot dog or ribs.

Still, they use good quality ingredients here and whilst £3.50 is a little steep for what you're getting, you can do worse in Soho.

4 out of 5

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Mookomatic said...

In the Soho branch of Bodean's they have a new menu item which is 4 delicious sausages (each a different flavour), mash and sauerkraut coleslaw. The sausages are brilliant - I recommend you go and try this platter if you haven't already :)