Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Black Farmer Premium Pork Sausages

There's been good and bad news recently concerning supermarket sausages.

The bad: Asda has started selling 2p sausages in a bid to attract customers struggling with the 'credit crunch'. These bangers contain, according to the BBC, 34% meat, 34% water and the rest made up of rusk filler and fat. They sound pretty bad but to be honest, I'm sure some of the cafes I've reviewed on this blog use sausages of this standard, if not worse.

The good: Well this is just my observation but there seem to be more and more specialist sausage brands appearing on supermarket shelves. Perhaps a sign that there is a growing interest in good quality sausages?

Here's one brand I spotted recently. The Black Farmer Premium Pork:

These contain a stonking 90% pork and come with the accolade of being voted best pork sausage in Olive magazine (whatever that is).

I grilled them with some cherry tomatoes, sliced them and served them in a fresh baguette with Coleman's mustard.

As you can see, these had a lovely, firm texture. Really packed with meat but not too dry. The casing became crispy and light after grilling whilst the sausage itself was lightly herbed and seemed to have a slight peppery heat to it, like a mild Cumberland.

They went very well with a crunchy baguette would would have worked just as well in a soft bun, I think. Not bad at all.

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