Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Sausage and Bread Top 5 (October 2007)

I've discovered some really good places over the last few months so I thought the Top 5 needed a bit of revising.

Olly Olson is no longer with us and unfortunately Dolce Cafe has had to make way (although it's still a place that I would recommend for a better than average sausage sandwich). So, here we go. Here's the New Top 5:

Hangs on to fifth spot for its efficiency in preparation and quite decent pork bangers.

Takes over as the hot dog representative in the Top 5. Has a range of toppings to choose from and a passion for flavourful food.

Currently the best, basic sausage sarnie I've found in Soho and an excellent sandwich shop all round.

A fine chorizo and roasted pepper ciabatta in this haven for foodies. Their daily specials sometimes feature sausage too.

1 - PAUL (salami baguette)

It's a really tough call between Paul and Fernandez & Wells since both sandwiches are exceptional. In the end, I thought the Paul salamai bauguette just edged into the top spot based on the perfect mix of flavours and the slightly more sophisticated presentation. It just can't be improved upon.

Both sandwiches are a real treat, though.

Oct 2nd 2007


Gwil said...

Hi there, just a heads up to say i've read your blog after following a link from EBCB.

That is a fantastic and interesting blog, and this is just the same. I will take issue with english mustard for hot dogs though, it has to be French's American mustard all the way for me :)

Great read - keep on scoffing!

Scoffer said...

Agreed. Sausages seem to go best with the local mustard, wherever you are.

Arti Patel said...

Wow - I'm a big sausage lover. I find it fantastic that you have dedicated a blog to sausages.

I live downtown, so am definitely looking forward to checking out Soho Cafe and their sausage sandwich.

I will also recommend the chorizo sandwich at Pan Latin cafe on Chambers and River Terrace - it's the best!

PS: BTW, one of my foodie hangouts is ifood.tv - I found this awesome piece about sausages. You may want to check it out

Scoffer said...

I will also recommend the chorizo sandwich at Pan Latin cafe on Chambers and River Terrace - it's the best!

I'll try to check that one out too. Thanks!