Friday, May 04, 2007

Cafe Soho, Ingestre Place (return visit)

I had to hastily re-order the Soho Top 5 after a return visit to this place.

Cafe Soho remains one of the best sandwich shops in Soho, due mainly to its policy of using varied, fresh ingredients and having new specials every day. The last sausage sandwich I had from here was a lunchtime behemoth and strictly speaking should not have been used to compare with the other sandwiches I've reviewed, but this time I went for a simple sausage sandwich (on toasted brown bread with brown sauce).

Basically this is the best 'conventional' sausage sandwich I've had in Soho so far. It goes straight in at No.2 on the chart, bettered only by the Paul salami baguette.

Good quality granary-style brown bread which was quite light and airy, helping to absorb the sauce and avoid dripping. A good, herby sausage and brown sauce that does indeed taste like brown sauce. There's no great mystery to it - this cafe just chooses not to use the cheapest, lowest grade ingredients it can get away with and as a result it makes a really good sausage sarnie.

I won't give it the full 5 out of 5 because that would mean there is nothing that could be done better which isn't the case. Additional condiments, different bread, fatter, juicier sausages might all have made the sandwich even better. However, it's still the best so far.

4.5 out of 5. How a basic sausage sandwich should be done.


Travis said...

A blog about sausage - PERFECT! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I've used Cafe Soho in Ingestre Place twice, believing that the bad experience the first time was a one off.

The food is very ordinary - although describes in ecstatic tones - when I came to actually eat it, it was plain and tasteless.

To cap it all, on both occasions I was served by a miserable woman who looked as if the food had already disagreed with her - I'll never go back.