Thursday, January 03, 2008

Homemade: Sainsburys pork sausages with honey and mustard

If you've seen my other 'homemade' posts, you've probably guessed which supermarket I go to by now. However, I thought these sausages from the Sainsburys Taste the Difference range deserved a mention.

They're generously seasoned with honey and mustard, both of which retain their flavours well - better than most other 'novelty' flavourings.

The honey creates a nice barbecue taste and aroma after grilling and the mustard manages to keep it's mild kick. These are sensible flavourings for cook at home, specialty sausage. They went really well wrapped in a toasted English muffin with a small dollop of tomato ketchup.

Probably the best I've tried from this range.


kristainlondon said...

This is a great tip, thanks! When I used to live closer to an M&S, I used to buy their sausages all the time. They had a spicy one--can't remember if it was chorizo or just "spicy"--but it was really good.

Scoffer said...

You're welcome! I should try and review some M&S and Waitrose ones too. You can get some really good quality supermarket sausages now, but some of the added flavours are a bit hit and miss.