Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scotts, corner of Bedford Street and New Row

Straying from my normal Soho stamping ground, this is a great find in the Covent Garden area, heading towards the Strand.

Scott's is a fine little cafe that does breakfasts, jacket potatoes and the usual lunchtime sandwiches. It also does hot salt beef sandwiches complete with mustard and pickles which I haven't tried yet.

What makes it stand out is how fresh everything looks on the counter, how spotlessly clean the cafe is and - having been there a couple of times - how generous their portions are. They certainly don't scrimp on the amount of filling they put in their sandwiches and potatoes.

For the blog, I ordered a toasted sausage sandwich on brown bread, with brown sauce:

The sausages - two of them, halved - are straight up pork sausages, rather than a cumberland, but they're of good quality. Despite the lack of spice there is a definite fresh, satisfying porky flavour to them, and a good texture.

Scott's seem to make a point of only using very fresh, soft bread and this was no exception. Even after toasting you could tell the bread was very fresh. I think the real butter was on the toast. It certainly had a very nice buttery note to it. And finally, the brown sauce was fine and generously poured.

All in all this is a great sausage sandwich from a well run cafe and certainly gives Cafe Soho a run for it's money. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the best to be found in this part of town.

4.5 out of 5.

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