Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hot Dogs Namibian Style #3

The third and final Namibian update! Just down the road from where I was working was this 'wurstbude'. When I saw the sign I imagined a kind of hot dog lover's heaven; A lengthy menu of different types of wursts with all kinds of different condiments to sample. In reality, it was just a pizzeria that also sold hot dogs and bratwurst.

The location is great, right opposite the beach and with the crashing Atlantic waves clearly audible. I placed my order at the counter, sat down in the gorgeous sunshine and it wasn't long before my double bratwurst in a roll arrived (along with a nice, cold Tafel lager).

These wurst were clearly fried, not grilled but they still tasted great. Nice crispy skin and none of the rank, stale taste that you find so often in UK cafe fried food. The ketchup and mustard were adequate but not especially nice. All in all though, it was a tasty roll that went great with the cold lager.

A nice note on which to end my Afican adventure.

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