Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Sausage and Bread Blog Top 5 (Apr 24th 2007)

As per an earlier comment, here's the Sausage and Bread Top 5 list. Due to my location, I'm afraid the list can only really cover Soho and central London. So here goes...

The speed at which it's made is the secret to the sausage sandwich from this Soho institution.

A better than average cafe and restaurant, with good quality ingredients.

3 - OLLY OLSON (Swedish Korv hot dog)
A hefty hot dog served with mashed potato on top.

Currently the best sausage sarnie in Soho. Review now up.

1 - PAUL (salami baguette)

Controversially, the Paul salami baguette is not what many would consider a 'real' sausage sandwich. You could go as for to say it's a bit 'fancy'. But I cannot fault this sandwich and it does fulfill the critieria. Great ingredients, great flavours. The Paul sandwich demonstrates what is so appealing about the sausage and bread combination.


The idea of combining sausage with bread is a simple one but it can result in something quite spectacularly tasty. Making a truly great sausage takes skill, attention and great ingredients. The same goes for making really good bread. So, the marriage of a top quality sausage and top quality bread actually produces something rather special. It's a simple concept that has the potential to be something amazing, depending on how much thought and effort you put into it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Richmonds, Bateman Street

With possibly the least obtrusive shopfront in Soho and a hidden location, it's easy to miss Richmonds sandwich shop. It opened a couple of years ago, I think, and seems to have a loyal customer base who like to support the little, independent shop.

The interior is as basic as the exterior, with virtually no decorative touches. It's as if someone went about creating a cafe using the least amount of fixtures, fittings and decoration possible.

Ordered a toasted sausage and egg sandwich with brown sauce. I was disappointed to see the dreaded microwaved, pre-cooked egg which is never a good sign. But the toast was acceptable and they were slightly better than 'economy brand' sausages - slightly plumper than the cheapo varieties.

3 out of 5.