Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fernandez and Wells, Lexington Street

A brand new arrival in Soho. There are actually two Fernandez and Wells stores. One is a cafe specializing in cakes, coffee and light snacks (in Beak Street) and this branch which is more of a deli selling cooked food, jamón ibérico and wine etc.

This is foodie heaven. Daily lunch specials such as paella or rabbit stew are advertised on a chalk board outside whilst magnificent legs of jamón hang proudly in the window. Seriously good stuff can be bought here.

This includes a grilled chorizo sandwich:

Ciabatta, rocket, grilled red peppers and a couple of deep red, oily, chorizo sausages. This is an intensely good sausage sandwich. The chorizo is soft and delicious and the oil seeps into the salad and bread (possibly a little too much).

The flavours may not be as subtle as the Paul salami baguette, but the sausage is the star here - meaty and intense and a great partner to the floury, airy ciabatta.

It's a tough call between this and the Paul baguette for the Number One position in the Top 5.

As well as the chorizo sandwich, I also sampled a daily special, a chorizo sausage and bean stew. A picture is worth a thousand words so all I can really say is it was bloomin' fantastic. The darker sausage was a type of black pudding, I think.

Soho has a new star.


Anonymous said...

If the choice between a variety of bangers and some foreign types of sausage is already foodie's heaven for you, then you should come and visit Germany with its 1.500 diffrent kinds of sausages.
If you want, I can bring some of the stuff over next time I'm coming to London (Croydon).
You might contact me at my blog

Classy blog, anyway. Cheers Louie

Anonymous said...

I greatly admire your dedication to 2 of my favourite foods.

The reason for my comment is that I believe the unidentified darker sausage in your chorizo and bean stew may have been morcilla, a delicious Spanish sausage made from bacon, blood and various other lovely stuff. The fact that it contains more bacon than blood makes it ideal for providing meaty
substance in stews, whereas our own noble black pudding sadly falls apart.

Scoffer said...

I think you could be right - It had a slight bacon-y flavour as well as the black pudding taste.


JonR said...

i just found this place by accident today. the pork pie was so good i'm crying actual tears of joy...

Scoffer said...

Well, after that I just had to try it for myself and, yes, it is a fantastic pork pie. This place is a gem.

Ruby2009 said...

I work just around the corner from here and I love it, amazing healthy fresh food!

On another note, have you heard about the food festival going on at St. Pancras station, launches today looks amazing!

Ruby2009 said...

ohhh and there is a pork and beef butchery masterclass on TODAY at 5pm!!!