Monday, September 03, 2007

Goodbye Olly Olson. Was nice knowin' ya.

Sad to report that after just a few months, Scandanavian hot dog pioneer Olly Olson has shut up shop.

Despite being in a great location (and my numerous visits), they seemed to have had trouble attracting customers in large numbers to the store.

They never really promoted the hot dogs that well and the whole concept - from the name to the look of the store - never really clicked. The quality of the actual hot dogs was variable too, and they were presented almost as curiosities, rather than as tasty food to be enjoyed. Whilst the Swedish Korv was memorably good, something just didn't work there.

Ah well, the choice for hot dogs in London just got smaller.

Olly Olson Review 1

Olly Olson Review 2

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