Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Farmer Brown, New Row

I discovered this place just a few doors down from Scott's, which I reviewed earlier.

The rustically named Farmer Brown's could easily be mistaken for a butcher's shop, with its old fashioned awning and display of plastic animals in the window. I popped in just after 9:00 one morning and ordered a sausage sandwich on brown bread with brown sauce.

Delicious. This is the first sausage sandwich I've had since starting this blog that I would describe as moreish. After eating it I immediately wanted another - it was that good.

The secret isn't in the bread (which is a decent enough sliced brown but nothing exceptional) or the brown sauce which seemed to be generic. The sandwich wasn't even buttered - they use Utterly Butterly.

The secret seemed to be entirely in the sausages: Fresh tasting, lightly herbed cumberland links. They're a wonderful shape and are cooked to perfection on a simple hotplate. Two in a sandwich, so nice and generous unlike some cafes. Get there at the right time and you can see them sizzling away, all in a line. A beautiful sight.

5 out of 5. Highly recommended.

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