Sunday, September 27, 2009

The awesome world of Vienesas (Chilean hot dogs)

I first heard about these bad boys from watching a show called Anderw Zimmern's Bizarre World, a food travelogue show on the Discovery Travel Channel.

Vienesas are based on a standard bun and beef sausage foundation which is then massively loaded up with toppings and condiments. By all accounts they are a very popular fast food in Chile and for me, a good enough reason alone to visit the country.

One of the most popular varieties is the Completo which is stacked with salsa verde, chopped tomatoes and mayo. Check out the website of Domino, a popular chain of hot dog restaurants in Santiago, for a full list of varieties that include such excellent names as the DinĂ¡mica, the Irlandesa, and the Rodeo.

Read more about the 'complete Completo' experience in this article by Adam Fuller from Santiago magazine.

Time to stock up on some salsa verde, methinks.

Check out the video below to see a Completo in the wild:

And watch Anthony Bourdin's take on the Chilean hot dog phenomenon on his show 'No Reservations' with a dog that actually looks excessive even for me:


gucciframes said...


I am the same Joshua that introduced you to the hotdog place in Soho, and I am disappointed to let you know that it closed down!

I suggest going to Selfridges or Golders Green Road and buying some Chicago style beef dogs which are great and huge! Much better than the stuff sold at Sainsburys made by Blooms (AVOID)!



Mike said...

Please consider posting our short video, "600 Sausages" on your website.

Japan is probably considered the place to be for decadence and gourmet food....but maybe not for everyone, some just want a good ole sausage on a stick.

Thanks for considering us.


Mike & JJ

Some Chilean Woman said...

This Chilean had to comment! Completos are the best, but they're the best there in Chile. For some reason it's just not the same here in the States, the bread is not as good, and the actual hot dog is never sturdy enough.

shamoood said...



Bystander said...

Chile must have the largest variety of sandwiches in the world. For all the things you can have on top of a hot dog, there are dozens more you can have inside a sandwich. The base is very good bread, something readily available here. If the bread is wrong, the sandwich is wrong.
So when are you coming?