Friday, May 25, 2007

El Rincon Latino, Clapham (Colombian chorizo)

I went this Spanish restaurant for tapas the other day and lo and behold, they had a dish on the menu that consisted not only of sausage but also bread. Needless to say, I ordered it!

This dish is actually a Colombian style chorizo sausage and the bread is - I'm guessing - an arepa, a South American, corn-based flatbread.

The sausage was plainer in colour than a Spanish chorizo, and did not have that lovely oily, paprika taste. It was very dry and densely packed. The bread/pancake thing was quite disappointing. It actually had no discernable flavour whatsoever despite numerous attempts to eke some out of it. I genuinely could not taste anything when I ate it. This might have been due to the other tapas dishes being heavily flavoured but I doubt it. I think it is just an intentionally plain accompaniment. Strictly for the curious, I think.


Anonymous said...

What meat was the sausage? Pork?

Many thanks


Scoffer said...

Hi Stephen, Yep I'm pretty sure it was just pork but the taste was very different to a Spanish chorizo or indeed a normal pork banger (down to the spices used, I think).

Anonymous said...

the colombian chorizo is made of pork and beef with different spicies,coriander,cumming,zafron.The white bread is called arepa,is just corn flour and water,not even salt,it is esential with any meat colombian dish.